As a fresh face on the American electronic dance music scene, Nick Elliott is a talented performer, music producer, and songwriter.  Elliott launched to headlining status in 2019 and 2020 with sold out shows during New Year’s weekend and on the Saturday of X Games at Bootsy Bellows in Aspen, Colorado. With some of the COVID restrictions lifted, Elliott has performed in Las Vegas at XS Night Swim and will be opening for Lost Kings D.C. at Echostage in September.


Elliott kicked off his musical career on his 21st birthday with the release of his first single.  “Higher Ground” is a collaboration with DJ Swivel and a phenomenal team of musicians.  To date, he has released nine singles, including “Ambush”, “All I Want” (on Lowly Palace’s label), “Drive Through the Night”, “Smoke & Mirrors”, “Yesterday”, “Through This Night”, “Summer at 16”, and Wild Hearts, and signed with several record labels.


The artist has also enjoyed success performing at a variety of venues across the nation, to include Soundcheck and Echostage in Washington, DC.  In addition to his packed shows in Aspen, he has had the pleasure of providing support to top level artists, such as Breathe Carolina, Dirty South, Loud Luxury, Sander van Doorn, Ilan Bluestone, Alesso, and others.


Nick Elliott, born Nicholas Elliot Woods, is originally from Saint Louis, Missouri but moved to Virginia at an early age.  Even after the move, he was still enthralled with the rich musical culture of Saint Louis, which led to an interest in and performances with brass and percussion instruments.  In 2011, Elliott was introduced to EDM and was instantly hooked.  He remembers “First of the Year (Equinox)” by Skrillex as the song with the greatest influence.


While performing locally and working on the production aspect of music in his free time, a 16-year-old Elliott qualified for one of only five elite junior triathlon teams in the country.  This led Nick to train for nearly forty hours a week and travel globally on Team USA in national and world endurance sports championships.  At 6’9” tall, Elliott stood out as one of the tallest elite endurance athletes.  Unfortunately, his goal of competing in the Olympics would be cut short. The 19-year-old athlete suffered a career-ending cycling accident.  No longer able to race competitively at elite levels, he was left with broken dreams.  With much soul searching, he came full circle and found his path through music.  Elliott’s passion for EDM and his audiences is both electrifying and contagious.  Through his music, he hopes to inspire others.  “Producing electronic dance music, playing festivals and clubs, and connecting with music fans are things I’ve always wanted to do.”