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Elliott’s brand-new single Summer At 16 is an edm-tinged summery banger which sees the presence of vocalist Brandon Colbein. A bop about the reflections on a young summer love. The lyrics guide the listener through the feelings of first romance and the longing to go back in time once more.

Elliott’s brand-new single titled ‘Through This Night’ is a melodic output about helping the love of your life spread their wings and find their way through personal struggles. Flourishing strings and a pitch perfect vocal effort from Nate Miller, Elliott pairs a powerful top line and impactful songwriting with his own style of uplifting and emotive production.

Yesterday was released in collaboration with GT_Ofice on NoFace Records.

The beautiful love song will have listeners feeling as if they are soaring alongside the production. It’s the perfect blend of emotive softness with the vocal performance and high-energy danceability brought on through the drop.

The upbeat progressive house anthem was created in entirely two different parts of the US, with GT_Ofice stationed in New York City and Elliott located in Aspen, Colorado.

Smoke & Mirrors is a song about not struggling to differentiate between the truth and a lie in a relationship. I was in a previous relationship that played games emotionally and it lead me to write the lyrics. I love Big Room and felt the genre fit the vibe of the lyrics. I turned to songwriting to sort through my thoughts.

“Smoke & Mirrors” was released on Veneration Records.

I wrote “Drive Through The Night” as a personal experience with dating long distance, and having it turn into something beautiful. There were countless nights that I longed to be with the one I love, especially during this difficult year because of Covid-19. It has an empowering message to millions of people in committed long distance relationships. One that lets them know that they are on their lover’s mind, even when they might be thousands of miles away. My main goal for this song is to inspire and strengthen listeners’ personal relationships with their partners, family, and friends.

“Drive Through The Night” was released on Veneration Records.

Everyone can relate to “All I Want” as it brings out the raw emotions of the darkest times in our lives. For some, that may be a devastating loss or mental health issues, and, for others, the powerful hold of addictions. The hopelessness and despair of fighting a battle from which you are desperate for any kind of relief can lead to disastrous consequences. I’ve suffered through dark times myself and have watched as friends became debilitated by the weightiness of depression.  I’ve also seen the destruction and loss of life caused by overwhelming addictions. We all want to know that we’re worth the struggle to survive—to pull ourselves out of the darkness and persevere. This song is for everyone who is battling demons. You’re worth the fight! On this song, I had the honor of collaborating with DJ Swivel, a Grammy winning producer, mixer, audio engineer, and songwriter. He and his team are true artists in every sense.

“Ambush” is a big room progressive song with a festival vibe. The swell and rising action creates an electric energy that really gets the crowd going.

“Higher Ground” is a song about relationship struggles, which includes all the highs and lows, and the suffering that they can create. The song starts with the depiction of an imbalanced relationship where a person brings out the best in the artist while not being uplifted themselves. Ultimately, this leads to a break up. Desperate and alone, the singer crawls out of the sadness and out of his failings toward a better version of himself. For me, it captures the need to rely on yourself, not on someone or something else, for your happiness. This song is a collaboration with Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young. Swivel is a Grammy winning producer, audio engineer, mixer, and songwriter.